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Farm Worker Film Series
Holiday Benefit Concert for the United Farm Workers
Farmworkers Benefit: Salsa de Berkeley Grito
United Farm Workers Dance Benefit
Gran Baile
Afro-Latino Music Festival benefit for the United Farmworkers
FarmWorkers Salsa Spectacular
March on Lucky to Stop the non UFW Grapes
The Farm Workers are Looking for a few good men and women
A National Tribute to Cesar Chavez
There's Blood on those grapes
Boycott Grapes
Boycott Grapes
Support Farmworkers: Boycott Stores Carrying Non-UFWA Products
Labor Day - 1975: Solidarity with the United Farmworkers
No Vilencia En Salinas
Viva La Causa UFW
I Am Somebody: Together We Are Strong
Peregrinacion de 1,000 Millas de Nuestro Hermano Cesar Chavez
Hasta La Victoria
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