Milwaukee's 10th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival
Ellen DeGeneres: Taste This
untitled (two women nuzzling)
untitled (two women kissing)
Fliq: Your Monthly Dose of Queer Videos and Voices
Who Does That Bitch Think She Is?!
Sixth Northwest Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Theater Rhinoceros: Harvey Fierstien's Spookhouse
Adored: Diary of a Porn Star
Brokeback Mountain [movie poster]
Bruce LaBruce photographs
"A Leather Dream" [film]
Hip no Ties
An Evening with the Naked Civil Servant: Quentin Crisp
The last of Mr. Norris
The brotherhood
9th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Sound Factory Saturdays
Memorial Day Muscle
untiled (young Uncle Sam)
Bill Tolan! Candidate for Grand Duke of San Francisco
it's the space age make space for pace
1940s Armed Forces Day Extravaganza
Denny for Mr. Gay San Francisco
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