untitled (7 etchings of women with a poem in the center)
Cleopatras Choices
I am your sister
Christiane Rochefort: French Novelist and Feminist
Alaska Women's Commission: Celebrating Women in the Arts
Men and women in search of common ground
Celebration of craftswomen
Celebration of craftswomen: A wintere arts fair
18th annual crafts fair celebration of craftswomen
19th annual crafts fair celebration of craftswomen
BeBe K'Roche
Women together
Call for '83' entries
Artists Indigena
Witch Hunters Woman Haters
Woman's Art Journal
Sour Juice and Rhyme, Bitch & Animal
Margie Adam Celebrates Judy Chicago's Dinner Party
Artwork from It Ain't Me Babe, An All-Girl Comic
Celebration of Craftswomen
Fuck Housework
[OVARIA] Celebrating Women and Their Art
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