Saddam Husayn Al-Tikriti : Captured On December 13, 2003
Another Home Says...
Obey (George W. Bush)
Iraq: Mission Accomplished!
Untitled (George W. Bush "The Scream")
Liberty: The First Casualty of War
I Want Your Children To Fight My War
Occupation is not Liberation!
Central Park Belongs to the People!
Dissent is not a Crime
Bring the Troops Home Now!
No War: Justice Through Peace
End the Occupation from Oakland to Baghdad
Will work for DoPeace : Department of Peace
No War Against Iraq
Gulf Wars Episode II: Clone of the Attack
No War Against Iraq
There Are Better Ways to Leave Iraq
Women Against War: A Vision For Peace
Not in Our Name: An Anti-War Benefit Concert
Laura "Piece" Kelley: Spoken Word, Poetry, and Music Performance
Middle East Film Festival: Exploring Culture, Borders, and Struggle
Speaking Truth to Empire: End the Occupation!
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