Evacuation Would Be Impossible: Mobilize for Survival
Sit -In for Survival, June 12
Survival Sunday
Take It to Wall Street: Stop Nuclear Investments
No business as usual: Prevent World War III - No Matter What It Takes!
Demonstrate: Sever UC Ties to Nuclear Weapons Development
Stop the Arms Race: Oct 16-22
On Wednesday May 10 ITTand Midtown Manhattan Will Suffer a (Simulated) Saturation Bombing
?La Carrera Armamentista, O La Raza Humana? [The arms race, or the human race?]
Future Generations for Nuclear Disarmament
Scene of the Crime
Stop Nuclear Testing : Nevada Test Site
Beam the Bomb
Who is this man? And why is he trying to kill us?
Freeze the Nukes and see the sunrise
Children ask the world of us: Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament
Listen to the children
April 10, 1986 6:08 AM Nevada Test Site, Nevada
Join Us... for the sake of the children
1984: Orwell
untitled (catching the earth)
"Remember your humanity" Bertrand Russell
No nuclear terror- power or weapons!
untitled (paranoia poem)
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