Imperial collodion glass plate negative

Machine Shops of C.P.R.R., Sacramento, California
Corinne, Panoramic View No. 2
Salt Lake from the Wasatch Mountains, No. 3
Salt Lake City, Panoramic No. 1 from Wasatch Mountains
Hydraulic Gold Mining, California
Weber Valley from Below Echo City
Testing Combination Bridge, Devil's Gate, Weber Canyon
Combination Bridge, Weber Canyon at Devil's Gate
Finger Rock, Weber Canyon
Bird's-Eye View of Weber Canyon
Excursion Party at 1000 Mile Tree, Wilhemina Pass
Strawberry Ford, Weber Valley
From Devil's Gate, Looking East
Strawberry Ford, Weber
Townsend House, Salt Lake City
Echo City from the Bluff, Looking North
Echo City from the South
Supply Trains at End of Track, Last Siding
Brigham Young's Cotton Woolen and Factories
Dale Creek Bridge from Above
Laramie Hotel
Tunnel at Head of Echo, Miller and Patterson's Work
Looking down Echo Canyon from Death's Rock
Clerical Excursionists at Laramie City, 1868
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