Palestine Vietnam
Condemn Another Vicious Crime By Chiang Regime!
La Gran Aventura De Pee Wee [Pee Wee's Great Adventure]
Asesinos: En su mierda hasta las cachas
The Black Panther Manifesto
Miss Liberty
Protest! University Art Museum Berkeley
On The Summer Solstice 1968 San Francisco Will Enter Into Eternity
Freakin' at the Fiddler's Fair
Major New Arcane
Altamont '69
The enemy advances, we retreat
Peace on earth good will towards all people
untitled (snapshots)
No More Vietnams or Hiroshimas
Six Million Victims: The human cost of the Indochina War under President Nixon
Masters of War, Engines of Death, Power Against The People
The Street Wall Journal: Hanoi: Haiphong: Strike Back
And all is silence. : Hiroshima Day August 6th 1970
'Relax...the war's almost over.'
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