Stereographic collodion glass plate negative

Tourists on Mount Emma, Looking down into Cottonwood Canyon
Looking down K Street, Sacramento, California
Beaver Dams, Parley's Park in which Beavers still Live
Group of Tourists, Echo City
Live Oak of California near Carlin
Copper Mines, Bingham Canyon
White Oaks at Carlin, California
Paymaster's Car, Promontory
Station Buildings, Corinne
Machine Shops, Rawlings, from East
Beaver Dams, Parley's Park
Omaha from the Old Capitol
Looking Down Main Branch of Bear River, Uintas
Fremont from Hotel
Round House, Rocklin
From the Mouth of Weber Canyon, Looking Up
Snow and Timber Line, Uinta Mountains
The First Grist Mill Built in Utah
Sargent Swartz, the Guide
Barracks, North Platte
Group of Tourists on Witches Needle, Echo
Railroad Warehouses, Echo
Telegraph Corps at Work, Weber Canyon
Front Street, Sherman, Looking West
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