Stereographic collodion glass plate negative

Eating House, Promontory
Group of Officials at Laying Last Rail
Looking Down the Great Z
Wasatch from the West
Echo City
Echo City from the South
Snake Chiefs
North's Camp from above, Mouth of the Weber
Group of Horseman, Echo City
Odd Fellows Train at Echo
Mountain Mahogany on Wasatch Mountains
Ceremony of Laying Last Rail
Dale Creek [Bridge] from Above
Distant View of Reeds Rock, Summit U.P.R.R.
Little Mack's Cut, Promontory, Cut No. 4, East of Promontory
The Great Bend, Promontory
Salsbury's Cut, Promontory
Distant View of Corinne
On Horse Back, Echo City
Grand Island Hotel
Round Houses, Grand Island
Distant View of Great Trestle
Hall's Camp at Promontory, Utah
Bear River Bridge from Below
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