Stereographic collodion glass plate negative

Dale Creek Bridge from Druid's Rock
Timber Scene, Black Hills
Bingham Canyon, Mormon Miner's Residences
Ute Squaws on the Move
Salt Lake Valley from an Elevation of 2,000 Feet, Bird's Eye View
Salt Lake from the Wasatch Mountains
Promontory, Scene before Laying Last Rail
Distant View of Strawberry Ford
Turban Rock, Dale Creek
Mrs. Reed, Sitting Position
Witches Rocks from West, [General] View
Tank of Machine Shops, Omaha
Block on Douglass Street, Omaha
Looking down on Morgan Valley from Wasatch Mountains, Weber Canyon in Foreground
Turntable and Machine Shops, Omaha
Group of Tourists on Top of Mount Emma, Looking down over Parley's Park
Mormon Family
Looking into the Devil's Gate, Weber from the South
Green River, Side Cut with Engine
Looking Down the Weber from the Slate Point
Fishing Party, Weber Canyon, Warner and Whitman's Camp
Dining Room, R.R. Hotel, Cheyenne
O.C. Smith and Wife, Echo
Columbus, New Town, Street View
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