Stereographic collodion glass plate negative

Junction of U.P. and C.P. [Railroad]
Looking Down Temporary Track from Wasatch
Hermit's Glen, Black Hills
Reeds Rock near [View] Summit
Cottonwood Canyon from Mount Emma
Distant View of Devil's Gate Bridge from 1000 Feet above, showing Weber Canyon
Devil's Gate from Bluffs, Opposite
Mouth of Echo Canyon
Hydraulic Mining below Bank
Turn Table, Grand Island
Gristmill, Grand Island
Distant View of Rawlings
Among the Pines of Utah
Machine Shops from Northwest, North Platte
Steam Boat Rocks, Echo Canyon
Echo Canyon from Temple Rock
Devil's Gate Bridge, Weber, General View
Summit Wind Mill at Sherman
O.C. Smith's Clerks at Store [House], Echo
Salt Lake from Promontory Trestle
Bear River looking South from Corinne
Excursion Party at Reed's Headquarters, Echo
G Street, Sacramento
Church Buttes Station
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