Andrew J. Russell

Meadows, Bear River
Down from Echo
Summit of the Uintahs
Citadel Rock Elevation, Green River
Spectre Lake, Looking West
Tunnel No. 2, Western Portal
Temporary Bridge, Bear River, Corinne
North Platte Machine Shops
Lake of the Sounding Shore, 11,500 Feet High
Dale Creek Bridge From Ape Rock
Dale Creek Bridge from Below
Church Buttes
Supply Train, Going Down
Among Pines, White Pine Canyon
Mormon Cottage, Parley's Park
Churches No. 2
Chinese Washing Clothes, Sacramento
Moore's Lake, No.2
The Old Saw Mill, Parley's Park
Snow and Timber Line, Uinta Mountains
Looking Down Temple Street, Salt Lake
Mummy Rocks, Black Butte
Residence of Mormon Bishop, Parley's Park
Conglomerate Peak of Echo
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