Emory Douglas

untitled (children playing)
untitled (children reading)
Peace Heals War Kills
Health Is Wealth
untitled ["One of our main purposes is to unify our brothers and sisters..."]
untitled (Male Figure)
Why Must Black People Look At Each Other Through Prison Bars?
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All Power To The People Hallelujah!
untitled (man with automatic rifle)
untitled (mother and child)
We Are Advocates of the Abolition of War...
untitled [armed woman and child]
The Lumpen
Afro-American Solidarity with the Oppressed People of the World
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
Untitled (On the Bones of the Oppressors)
untitled (We Are Soldiers...)
untitled [walking man with book and rifle]
Murdered [Sam Napier]
untitled (Alprentice 'Bunchy' Carter)
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