Child Abuse Hurts
Get Help
Twice Battered
It's hard to confront a friend who absues his wife
Cuando Una Madre Es Abusada Sus Ninos Tambien Sufren
When Mom Gets Abused Her Children Suffer Too
Stop Farm Animal Abuse
Shut Up
Hammers of Misfortune
Nobody deserves to be abused
Are you tired of making excuses for him?
Is someone hurting you?
Feeling alone? Don't know who to talk to?
_Te sientes sola? _No sabes con qui_n hablar?
Friends Family Community
Nadie merece ser maltratada.
Nobody deserves to be abused
Stop Corporate Abuse
Contrary To Popular Belief
Hi, I'm going to kick your ass and get away with it!
So This is Love?
There is Another Way.
So This is Love?
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