Rivoluzione Fino Alla Vittoria
Manushi: A Journal About Women and Society
Women's Emancipation is Human Emancipation
Women Democratic Organisation of Afghanistan
untitled (fist and crowd)
The Major Prophets Of The Bible
The Names Project - The Israel Tour
untitled (images and Arabic text)
International Conference For Solidarity With The Iraqi People In Oil Nationalisation
untitled (Arabic scene)
untitled (woman carrying oranges)
untitled (Arabic tapestry)
untitled (photo of man surrounded by Arabic text)
untitled (man resting head on hand)
Untitled (Large red hand painted arabic writing))
I.S.A.N.C. [Iranian Students Association & Arab Students in North California] May Day 1974
National farmworker week
Oppose Attacks On Arab, Muslim & Middle Eastern People!
Know your rights!
Untitled ( blue and silver with Arabic writing)
untitled (claw and Arabic text)
untitled (male figure, Arabic text)
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