Berkeley 1970 Workshop

Peace or Pieces
Peace on Earth
Fascist Infested!
Recycle Nixon
Raped : What Kind of a Brother are You
Peace Please
Would You Buy A Used War From This Man?  Smash The State!
Free All Political Prisoners
For Peace Vote Yes on 'A'
Send Them Tractors Not Tanks
Yes on Peace
S.E. Asia Theater Feature:1960's Held Over
Stop War
Stop War
Stop the War
Stop Nixon's War Machine
This is Your Air Too : so How Long Will You Hold Your Breath?
The Wages of Sin are Death Therefore Choose Life
Then War has Many Faces, 7 Days in May
They Also Die Who Stand and Watch
The Law Requires That You Inform Your Draft Board of All Changes in Status, Obey The Law to the Letter, Jam Your Board May 1970.
Peace is Patriotic
Peace is Patriotic
Unite Against the War
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