Imperial death machine
Pour le Gel Nucleaire Tous au Larzac
We Bring the War Home to Win the Future
untitled (nuclear war)
The deformed human mind is the ultimate doomsday weapon
There is no folly of the beasts of the earth
untitled (orgins of life)
Stop the bombing
This Might Be You
June 6: war: vote it down
Stop the War Now
The Street Wall Journal: Hanoi: Haiphong: Strike Back
And all is silence. : Hiroshima Day August 6th 1970
'Relax...the war's almost over.'
Vietnam: Who is the principal terrorist? Who is "precipitating" what bloodbath?
Structure and Destruction Power of Round-Shaped Steel-Pellet Bombs
Structure and Destruction Power of Cylinder Shaped Steel - Pellet Bombs
Methods Used by US Aircraft to Release Round - Shaped Steel - Pellet Bombs
Laos Cambodia Vietnam Earth
End The Rain of Terror: People's Blockade
'Winding it Down'
Mr. Nixon - Out!
Not our war
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