Lift The Sanctions: No New Bombing
untitled (Golden Retriever, 9/11)
Killing Innocent People is the Problem Not the Solution
Born in the U.S.A
Albright Speaks on Iraq Sanctions
Political Killings by Governments
You Can't Be All That You Can Be If You're Dead
Funds For Life Not Death
I Died For My Country
Costs of War
Hitler Incinerated 2,000,000 People In Three Years. We Can Do It In Three Seconds.
They'll Kill Us Seven Times. We'll Kill Them Eigh Times.
In A Nuclear War There Will Be No Survivors
Mega Death
Stop War
Deadly Connections Conference
Don't Register to Die
We Must Have Order
Untitled (Jesus Christ and Four Horsemen)
Our Home Is Not For Sale
Mythological Journey of the Heroine: A Contemporary Social/Spiritual Quest
No [war]
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