Sixth Northwest Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: Holidays around the world
"It's A Gay, Gay, World"
Hispanic Heritage Month
Raza Day 1985
Si Se Puede
1996 Moon Festival
You are invited to attend...
Rock Against Racism
The Education Of All Our Children: The 25th Anniversary Of Plyers v. Doe
International Springfest '96
Support Din? Resistance
Turning Point Or Vanishing Point
Honor Mother Earth
How Can You Buy or Sell the Earth
Big Mountain Resistance
The Earth Does Not Belong to Man
Untitled (Human head encompassing the cosmos and earth)
Untitled (circle of earth,  Animals and North American Indians in it)
1981 Akwesasne Notes Calendar
"We must all see ourselves as part of this Earth..."
Oppose the U.S.-backed Marcos Dictatorship
Palestinian Women Nurturing the Intifada
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