Margot Dashiell, Democrat for City Council
Chavez & Dellums endorse Dashiell, Fukson, Kelley
Meet your peace freedom candidtes for U.S. Senate
Another family for McGovern Shriver
McGovern Shriver Benefit
Campaign parade and rally to re-elect President Reagan
Integrity, Tom Ammiano for Mayor
Ihr Kandidat Dr. Hans Ils
Jesse Jackson '88
Come Alive June 5: Jackson Delegate SLate
untitled [Jesse Jackson campaign]
2 out of 3 adults in poverty are women.
Renee Saucedo for Supervisor, para Supervisora
Jesse Jackson '88
Seniors Support Jesse Jackson '84
"For Peace and Non-violence for America's Future, Vote Nov. 3rd for Ron Dellums."
Vote For President Dick Gregory
Vote Communist
George Brown for US Senator
Support your local dictator
NYC is the most densely populated city in the USA. Isn't this the wrong place for a major nuclear arsenal?
New York held Hostage: Vote yes on Proposition 6
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