figure ~ male

untitled (dead men)
America When Will You Be Angelic?
War Alarm.. Ban The Bomb!
Crime One
In Concert: Foot Loose
Wes Wilson '87 exhibition
Changing Faces Clothing
Psychedelic Art: First West Coast Show
Esalen Institute Presents an Evening with Frederick S. Perls
The New Improved Psychedelic Shop
Ask The Free Wild Animals
Reward For Information Leading To The Apprehension of - Jesus Christ
S.F.A.I. Summer
Major Grey's Clothing
Mother's Oats
Giant Happening
Rise Atlantis : Project Artaud July XXX
Clover : O'Foedian Den : Flying Circus : Wide Whole
Murshid Hasan : Sufi Master in Seven Dervish Orders
I Was A Hippie [news stand ad]
"I Think We Won."
untitled (snapshots)
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