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untitled (man and woman with hammer and sickle)
Fourth Annual American Indian Music Festival 1982
Honor the Circle Honor the Earth
Honor the Circle Honor Your Tribe
Honor the Circle Honor Your Family
Gold Greed Genocide
Razaday 1985
La Mano Mas Poderosa
The Black Panther Party 40th Year Reunion & Celebration Honoring the Rank & File Members
Smash Colonial Violence Free Dessie Woods March on July 4
Return of Three Mile Island
La Pe?a's 30th Anniversary 1975 - 2005
8th Annual Radical Performance Fest 2002
?Rini! ?Presente! An Exhibition
It's A Crime! To Lose Our Freedom
Black History Month '78
Great americans past and present
Frankie Manning's 85th
Clusters at the Cloister Room
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