Ten Days Of International Entertainment
Minority Issues In Education
Corazon Aquino
CMES Events
Hitlerism and the Holocaust
Report from the Middle East...Robert Fisk
Silent Voices Speak
Lust for Life: the life and writings of Kathy Acker
University of Santa Clara presents Nikki Giovanni
Come Hear Jesse Jackson
11th Annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture & Young Activist Award
Camouflage and Representation: Jewish Women in the Arts
The love that does justice
Future Food Careers
The Black Panthers
Michael Parenti "Political Perception & Deception: How to Think about Empire"
UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and the Office of the Chancellor Present
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Lectures on the Science of Being and the Art of Living
Esalen Institute Presents an Evening with Frederick S. Perls
Esalen Institute Presents Two Evenings with Bernard Gunther
Zen Bones: A benefit lecture
Eleanor Smeal
Iraq: Reports from the Frontlines: A Herb Caen San Francisco Chronicle Lecture
UC Berkeley Teach-In on Torture: A Call to Action Against Torture
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