Machine Shops of Laramie from the Wind Mill
Lime Kiln Cut near Granite Canyon
Black Buttes from the Station of that Name, U.P.R.R.
Warehouse of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City, Grain Stored for Transportation
Embankment No. 1, East of Granite Canyon
Miller and Patterson's Cut No. 6, East of Tie Pile
Rawlings Hotel
[Two Men Standing on Prominent Outcropping]
Hall's Fill near Granite Canyon
Embankment No. 1, West of Granite Canyon
Promontory Trestle, Engine on Trestle West No. 3
Cinnamon Bear, Laramie
Tourists, Ripple Lake
Great Trestle Bridge over North Platte
Tea Pot, Green River, Distant View
Legislative Halls, Cheyenne
Side Cutting
Windmill, Columbus
Surveying under Difficulties, Head of Bear River
Tourists Encamped on Ripple Lake, Uinta Mountains
Citadel Rock, Green River
Carmichael's Camp, Bitter Creek
Supply Trains at End of Track, Last Siding
Dale Creek Bridge from Above
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