Looking down Echo Canyon from Death's Rock
High Bluff, Black Buttes
Smith's Rock, Green River Valley
Granite Canyon, Embankment in Foreground
Construction Train End of Track near Bear River, General Casement's Outfit
Dale Creek Bridge, Perspective View
Malloy's Cut near Sherman Station
Dale Creek from Above, No. 2
Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek Valley
Among the Timber of Laramie Mountains, Head of Little Laramie
Laramie Shops Rear View from Southwest
Devil's Gate, Dale Creek Canyon, near Silver Mines
Carmichael's Cut, Burning Rock seen in Dark Strata near Top of Cut
Entering Black Hills, Carmichael's Cut, Granite Canyon
Eastern Approach to Dale Creek Bridge
Coalville, Weber Valley
Among the Timber of the Laramie Mountains
Distant View of Pulpit Rock at Mouth of Echo Canyon or Sentinel Rock, Weber Valley
Coal Bed of Bear River, Perpendicular Vein of 7 Feet
Mormon Toll Bridge at Mouth of Weber Canyon
Rock Great Eastern, Echo Canyon
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