Inside The Volcano Artists' Tour of Nicaragua '84
U.S. Government Doesn't Know Beans
VIVA Sandino!, Celebrate People's History
Americans or Last Tango in Huahuatenango
Bread & Puppet: Our Domestic Resurrection Circus
Peace Through Music, Songs from the Heart and the Homeland
Places the U.S. Has Bombed Since World War Two
From My Lai to Managua
Pedal For Peace '86
Women in Arms / Mujeres en Armas
Come out! Salsa Picante
Eden Pastora: Comandante en Jefe del Ejercito Sandinista
Don't Believe it: We are already there: U.S. Out of Nicaragua
National Week of Solidarity with the Poeple of Nicaragua
Su Paz es Nuestra Paz [Your peace is our peace]
We risk death to stop the war on Nicaragua
Nicaragua: Mi Tierra El Mundo Mi Vida
Nicaragua: Quien La Defiende Es Que La Ama Mas
Nicaragua: Quien La Defiende Es Que La Ama Mas
El Salvador Centeral America: Unidos Triunfaremos! [United we will win!]
Seattle - Managua, Sister Cities
For Peace and Friendship
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