religions & religious concepts

Thereof He Telleth
Saint Germain of Alchemy
Convocation of the New Birth
Harpstrings of Lemuria
Gods of the New Age
Tibetan Insights
Lord Balyogeshwar Shri Sant Ji Maharaj
Passion is the Very Fact of God in Man
Scientology: The Bridge From Chaos To Total Freedom
The Major Prophets Of The Bible
Jesus Christ Superstar
I'm Lost
untitled (illustration of the North American Indian story)
The Peyote Road
The Long Walk for Survival 1980
God is a Woman
And God Created Woman In Her Own Image
untitled (children behind barbed wire)
Shalom of Safed
Slaughter Of The Innocents
Official Ayatollah Khomeini Poster Target
untitled (poem and illustrations)
untitled (celestial figures)
Those were the days?
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