Opening An Outsider Door
untitled (sailor)
untitled (duck horn and sack of money/missiles)
untitled (men gathered around a machine with illustrations lining the poster border)
untitled (flowers on a piece of paper)
untitled (astronaut children in a ferris wheel)
untitled (red face of a man)
Festival is Peace
untitled (1827 photo of a man)
untitled (man's face with an angry expression)
untitled (star medal and tank)
untitled (communism and the USSR)
untitled (communist logo and ship)
untitled (Russian Lenin poster)
untitled (smiling world with pigtail braids)
untitled (Lenin)
untitled (sickle and hammer)
untitled (flower with a dove at the center)
untitled (man operating a horse-drawn plow)
untitled (snail shell)
Family Violence Prevention Fund (Russian)
Family Violence Prevention Fund (Russian)
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