America Libre
Win or Die
Resist in Concert
Transatlantic Slaving and the African Diaspora
untitled (man shackled at the wrist basking in the rays of the sun)
Hail to the Working and Struggling Women of the World
Fighting Imperialism is Not Terrorism
Abolish Prison Slavery
The Ballad of Dangerous George
America Remembers!
America Remembers!
Folsom Prison
Rally In Support Of San Quentin Six and the Wilmington Ten
Abolish Prison Slavery
Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery
Demonstrate At San Quentin
Demonstrate At San Quentin
El Progreso Chicano
Speak Out for Silent Soviet Jewry, Let My People Go
Oppose the U.S.-backed Marcos Dictatorship
Defend Iranian Political Prisoners
Celebrate African Liberation Day '77
America Remembers!
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