The Massacre at Mylai [My Lai]
Talleres Populares 28 de Junio: Tierra y Libertad
untitiled (Mexican revolutionary soldier in Mexican flag colors)
Ernesto "funny guy" Duran
Friendship Worked Then, It Can Work Now
At 25, This Man is A Veteran of Two Wars.
The Struggle Continues for Philippine National Liberation
Amnesty Now! Freedom For Political Prisoners in Spain
Just don't say you didn't know!
Just don't say you didn't know!
U.$. Troops  / Out of the / Philippines
He Who Dies By The Gun Must Live By The Gun
Stop U.S. Aid To Israel
Palestine Will Be Free!
Reaganism: Black Genocide
Commander Toka MPLA
untitled (soldiers, Arabic text, musical notes)
untitled (female soldier with gun)
Victory To The Patriotic Front!!
Eden Pastora: Comandante en Jefe del Ejercito Sandinista
El Salvador Vencera!
El Salvador Vencera!
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