transcontinental railroad

Employees of U.P.R.R. at Laramie Offices
North Platte Bridge
Looking up Weber Valley from the Narrows
Narrows of the Weber, No. 3
Construction Train on Embankment, Granite Canyon
Machine Shops, Omaha, Nebraska
Mormon Family, Echo City
Directors of North Western R.R. at Echo City
Pulpit Rock, Mouth of Echo Canyon
The Narrows of Weber Canyon, No. 1
Wyoming Station, Engine No. 23 on Main Track
Bird's-Eye View of Cotton Wood Canyon, No. 2
Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution, Salt Lake City
Officers at Fort Bridger, No. 2
Dale Creek Bridge from Below
Head of White Pine Canyon, Parley's Park
Cut No. 4, West of Dale Creek Bridge
Reed's Rock, Sherman Summit of U.P.R.R.
Commisioners at Fort Sanders
California  U.P.R.R. Stable or Corral, Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City No. 3, Panoramic View
Sentinel Rock, Weber Valley
City Creek Canyon
Brigham's Bath House, Hot Sulphur Springs, Salt Lake City
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