transcontinental railroad

Mountains of Green River Valley
Employees of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City
Construction Train at End of Track, General Casement's Outfit, General in Foreground
Dale Creek Bridge from Above, No. 2
The Old Saw Mill, Parley's Park
Group of Officials
Pony Engine
Snow and Timber Line, Uinta Mountains
Cashier's Office, Echo City
Bromley's Residence, Echo City
Looking Down Temple Street, Salt Lake
Interior of Dining Room at Laramie, No. 1
Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon, Parley's Park
Front View of Laramie Shops
Group at O.C. Smith, Echo City
Bishop Snyder's Residence, Parley's Park, Utah
The Old Grist Mill, Utah
Tunnel No. 2, Head of Echo
High Rocks Mining District, Dale Creek Canyon
Church Buttes, Winter Time
Commission at Fort Sanders, No. 2
Western Approach of Dale Creek Bridge, Granite Cut
High Rocks, Weber Valley, Mouth of Echo Canyon
Round House and Machine Shops at Rawlings
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