transcontinental railroad

Round House and Machine Shop, Northeast Front, Laramie
Temple Street, Salt Lake City
Machine Shops of Laramie from the Wind Mill
Lime Kiln Cut near Granite Canyon
Group of Ute Indians on the War Path
Castle Rock, Echo Canyon
Conglomerate Peaks of Echo, General View
Black Buttes from the Station of that Name, U.P.R.R.
Warehouse of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City, Grain Stored for Transportation
Embankment No. 1, East of Granite Canyon
Bitter Creek Valley from Coal Mines near Point of Rocks
Warner and Whitman's at Echo
Railroad Hotel Dining Room, Laramie
Brigham Young's Theater, Salt Lake City
Eagle's Nest, Red Buttes near Red Buttes Station, U.P.R.R., Soft Red Sandstone, about 80 Feet High
Miller and Patterson's Cut No. 6, East of Tie Pile
Brigham Canyon, the Old Steam Saw Mill
Interior, Laramie Machine Shops
Rawlings Hotel
[Two Men Standing on Prominent Outcropping]
Hall's Fill near Granite Canyon
Embankment No. 1, West of Granite Canyon
Engineer's Office, Echo City
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