vietnam war

Killed in Vietnam
Picket Oct. 26 March Nov. 18 Against the War!
Resist the draft
Strike against the war in Vietnam
Support the GI's & Vets march for peace
Demonstrate Against the war
Out of Southeast Asia Now!
25 Years After: No More Hiroshimas: No More Nagasakis
Independence Day Celebration
Demonstrate! Come to Washington D.C. July 1-4
Resist the draft
Spring Mobilization: march to end the war in Vietnam
march April 24 San Francisco Wash. DC
March April 24 San Francisco, Wash. DC
Whose side are you on theirs of Nixon's?
March on Washington: April 24
Tie his Hands: Join the SMC
When women decide this war should end, this war will end.
Bring our carnales home now!
The New York State Vietnam Memorial Proudly Presents: Vietnam: In-Country Equipment"
Poetry Benefit
Back up Vermont's 8,000! Give....USO
The Fog of War (film clips will be shown)
Denocarlo Naval Base - Muir Beach concert
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