vietnam war

Out of Indochina
American Imperialism
The Economy
Our Napalm
I Can Hold Neither a Dove Nor a Hawk In My Hand
In Every Government on Earth There is Some Trace of Human Weakness...
No Christmas-as-usual
Bring them home
untitled (Vietnamese and American enemies)
The Moment of Truth : Terror Tuesday
Vietnam Day Committee Dance
People's Peace Treaty
Stop the kidnap of Vietnamese children
We are the people your government warned you about
A letter to an Unknown American Girlfriend
Laos: Their Struggle is our Struggle
Not All the Prisoners Are Home : Free all the prisoners : Stop U.S. aid to Thieu
untitled (Ngo Vinh Long poem with image)
Stop the Killing!
Thanksgiving - A Day of Peace and Celebration of Alliances
What Lt. [Lieutenant] Calley Might Say
E Pluribus Sickness
untitled (female figure)
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