Support Worthy Wages for Child Care
Couture De Force: A Fashion Presentation
You can be Miss Teenage America
American Dream
The Working Class is Marching
The Unicorn Dream
This is a Picture of a 40- Year Old Woman
You do not have to be your mother
Look for these new stamps 4 March 1981
Wife Preservers
America's Women on Stamps
untitled (woman taking a bath in a barrel)
Women Graduates don't earn as much as men graduates. Why not?
Let's Put Women in their Place!
Support Women in Prison
untitled (two women)
Put Yourself in theis Picture
The Army Student Nurse Program
Housewives and Mothers should be heard. Why Not?
Women College Graduates: Women's Army Corps
Resource Referral Program
Women in Struggle Film Series
untitled (Rita D. Brown quote)
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