25th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen
24th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen
an International Women's Forum
Of Visible Distinction, UC Santa Cruz Women of Color Film & Video Festival 1993
African Americans Who Made a Difference
Lilith Fair:A celebration of Women in Music
Holly Near in concert
Enough Talk: working women want action
No Nukes!
Happy Birthday Baby! Baybricks Third Anniversary Party
untilted (I have taken the pill)
We Want Bread and Roses too
The Sixth Annual Conference on the Great Mother and the New Father
Queer as Folk, The Final Season
For Love of Women: A Lesbian Art Exhibit
Hip no Ties
The last of Mr. Norris
Third Antenna: A documentary about the radical nature of drag
The Gay Deceivers
The Gay Deceivers
The Queers: Live in West Hollywood
Outlook National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly
1996 Milwaukee Gay & Lesbian film & video fest
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