Gen. Grant And Party At Fort Sanders from The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent
Sick Squaw and Medicine Man
Mormon Family, Echo City
Commisioners at Fort Sanders
Commission at Fort Sanders, No. 2
Tourists, Ripple Lake
On Horse Back, Echo City
O.C. Smith and Wife, Echo
Tourists Encamped on Ripple Lake, Uinta Mountains
Squaws Gambling for Beads
Above the Valley, Green River
Smith's Rock, Green River Valley
General Grant and Party at Fort Sanders, Summer of '68
Coalville, Weber Valley
[Men, Women and Children in Front of a Brush Shelter]
Rock Great Eastern, Echo Canyon
live off the excess exploit the loopholes liberate yourself...
Resistance is Fertile
La Pena 15 Years of Cultural Activisim for Social Justice
Nicaragua Must Survive
Pero Eso es lo que Dijo la Ultima Vez [But that's what you said the last time]
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