Assemblywoman Fong is seated and smiling with a birthday cake in front of her. She is in her office. From back of photo: March 3" x no story Caption 18.3 picas No leader Sat - 1SV. Caption from newspaper pasted on back: "Mar 30, 1968 Mrs. March Fong, Democratic assemblywoman from Oakland, smiles warmly over a decorated birthday cake. Her staff presented the cake yesterday in her Sacramento office. Mrs. Fong admittd her age is 'between 25 and 93.'--(AP)" Behind the Assemblywoman on the left side of the photo is a multiclored drapery with a design that shows a face in it. To the right of the drape appear to be more curtins/drapes but with a more subtle pattern -- dark spots show on it. In front of the drapery may be a table with files on the left and papers or a book on the right. In front of the table in a highbacked chair sits the Assemblywoman smiling. Her smooth bouffant hair is worn with gans and is covers her. Her white blouse has a high neck and long sleeves; the buttons are hidden by a placket. The coLlAr is trimmed in a darker color. The front has small pintucks on either side of the buttons. In front of her at the bottom of the photo on a silver tray (her left thumb is on top of one of the handles) is a birthday cake with chocolate frosting surrounded by various flowers. The flowers are of various colors and kinds and may include a pink/red camelia, white gardenia, roses. The Assemblywoman is smiling. The writing on the cake is not entirely readable. The only part that is clear is "MARCH." At the bottom of the photo is the following caption: "(US!)SACRAMENTO, Calif., Mar. 29--MARCH IS MARCH's MONTH--Demoncratic Assemblywoman march Fong of Oakland, who is celebrating her birthday today, gave an elated smile as she was presented with a decorated cake by members of her stff. Mrs. Fong refused to give her exact age but said it was 'between 25 and 93'. (APWIREPHOTO)(WJZ60900WJZ) 1968"

From file folder: March Fong Eu.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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