Peace Quilt
43.5 in HIGH x 42.5 in WIDE
(110.49 cm HIGH x 107.95 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jes

ngs 83

This Peace Quilt was the banner carried by the support group of the "Lifers" at International Day of Nuclear Disarmament protests. The support group were not arrested, but gave support to those who were by checking on their families, etc. The quilt was made by Nancy Gayle Simpson. It has slightly rounded corners; the central design element is the logo designed by Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, featuring a dove flying over a global map, with sunshine around the globe. (Background is cream colored, globe is blue and green, dove white - with a green branch in its beak and a blue bead for its eye - and yellow sunshine rays.)

Used: protest | International Day of Nuclear Disarmament

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