Good News
11 in HIGH x 8.5 in WIDE
(27.94 cm HIGH x 21.59 cm WIDE)
Gift of Rafael Jes

A Publication of The Laney College Faculty, Volume 7/Spring 1983

One periodical, "Good News: A Publication of The Laney College Faculty," $1, Volume 7/Spring 1983. The publication contains many poems, articles and illustrations; the cover (white, printed in black) features a series of pen tips designed by Kay Yatabe. Poem - "Here For Life: Vandenberg, Jan 24, 1983" by Rafael Jesus Gonzalez appears on page 3. There are also selected portions of his journal while at Lompac appearing pages 4-9, "Vandenberg: January 24, 1983." "Education for the Eighties" by Harry Edwards appears on pages 11-13. Poem, "for francis bacon" by Iskandar Guy is on page 13. Other articles include: "Tuition at Laney?" by Jan Wall, "Potatoes, Peas and the Politics of Public College Tuition" by Ed Biglin, "Last Rites" by David J. Crutchfield, "Color Rooster" by Mike Benveniste and "Sopie Revisted: Passivity in a World of Evil" by Jerry Herman. Poets included, in addition to Gonzalez: Michael Furay, Iskandar Guy, Hilda Johnson, Robin Lamberson, Joseph Lonero, Debi Lee Mandel, Jane B. McLean, Carmen Rezendes and Mona Lisa Saloy. Other graphic artists include, in addition to Gonzalez (who designed the logo for the International Day of Nuclear Disarmament): Frank Allen, Susan Bazett, Jeffrey Davis, Azar Golara, Richard Hagen, Naoko Haruta, Erica Kunkel, Sarah Levin, Marguerite Luben, Millie Magdaleno, Ellen McNutt, Joanie Mitchell, Patricia Polacco, Elizabeth Rosberg, Paula Tilds, Chinhung Wong and Susan Zeck.

Used: protest | International Day of Nuclear Disarmament | Vandenberg Air Force Base | Lompac Prison

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