8.875 in HIGH x 42.5 in|11.5 in WIDE
(22.54 cm HIGH x 107.95 cm|29.21 cm WIDE)
Gift of DeAnna Christmas

The bridegroom is from Nigeria. His family brough the wedding garments for the bride and groom with them from Nigeria. The garments are made of white, green (narrow stripe) and metallic gold striped fabric which has been pieced. Each of the garments in the grooms set have been machine embroidered (chain stitch) in gold colored thread. A: Tunic, long and sleevless, with a slit from the neck down approximately 5 inches. The neckline is elaborately decorated with medallions and the embroidery. There's a pocket on either side, elaborately decorated with the embroider. B: Trousers are made with a plain muslin drawstring wasit, the hems are embroidered, and there's a small medallion on the leg, outside, near the hem. C: Cap is lined in muslin, the edge of the cap, and the top of the crown are decorated with embroidery.

Used: wedding | Bakersfield | Calistus Azubuike Hillary | Bridegroom

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