76.375 in|76.75 in|25 in WIDE
(193.99 cm|194.94 cm|63.50 cm WIDE)
Gift of DeAnna Christmas

The bridegroom is from Nigeria. His family brough the wedding garments for the bride and groom with them from Nigeria. See 2000.103.1 for an image of De Anna Christmas in this wedding set. The bride's wedding costume consists of four pieces: A: bodice, B: wrap skirt, C: sash/girdle and D: turban, all made of striped cotton fabric of white, (narrow) green stripe and metallic gold, narrow strips pieced together. A: The bodice is the only garment in the set to be made of an open weave cloth; it has long sleeves and a neckline designed to fit near the collar bone, which is faced with white bias tape. B: The skirt is a long piece of cloth (worn wrapped around the body with the hemmed ends worn vertcally. C: Is a sash/girdle. It is a short, wide cloth, also with two hemmed ends. It is tied around the body over the bodice and the skirt, at the waist; the hemmed ends are vertical, so that when the sash/girdle is tied, the ends showing will be hemmed and attractive. D: Is the turban, which is unhemmed (raw ends) and can be tied in a variety of fashions. The donor said that Nigerian tradition indicates "the more beautiful the turban turns out, the happier the individual must be." The turban, in this case, becomes a barometer of the happiness level of the wearer.

Used: wedding | Bakersfield | De Anna Christmas

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