James Beard's American Cookery
10 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE x 2 in DEEP
(25.40 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE x 5.08 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. Betsy Anders

with illustrations by Earl Thollander

This is a hardbound copy of "James Beard's American Cookery" published in originally in 1972 by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Toronto. The full color cover features a clusterin of fruits and vegetables with a pie, a loaf of bread and a jug of cider; the back cover features a photograph of James Beard. Many of the illustrations in the book are from the collections of the History Department of The Oakland Museum. The drawing opposite the Title page shows an inside scene of a cupboard and the pantry in the Rough and Ready Kitchen in the History Gallery. There are small cooking utensils, pots, pans, etc. illustrated throughout the book; these having been drawn from the History Departments collections.

Used: cooking

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