4 in HIGH x 9.5 in WIDE
(10.16 cm HIGH x 24.13 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

There are two distinct pieces of information on the back of the photo; one is a penciled notation placed there by the appropriate person on the staff of the Oakland Tribune, and it reads "4- cols [columns] County Centennial 3-Mile House." The other is a clipping from the March 30, 1955 Tribune. It reads "Whiskered cowboys drive herd of cattle past Oakland's old Three Mile House operated in the late 1880's by Joseph P. Dieves on the site of the Safeway Warehouse headquarters today. The inn was famous as training quarters for such fight greats as Peter Jackson, Tommy Murphy and George Godfrey. East 14th Street then San Leandro pike." The photo shows a substantial two-storey house, with a covered porch. An addition has been made to the original building at the photo left. A sign at the top of the false front of the house reads "Thre Mile House." A covered "garage" [for carriages?] without doors at the left edge of the photo. Three cowboys, two at left, one at right, are riding herd on a herd of cattle in the street ibn front of the inn.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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