8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

A pair of streetcar tracks runs along a graded dirt street vertically from top to bottom of the photo. Wagon tire marks are in profusion on the road surface. The tracks diverge at the bottom of the photo. A pencil notation reads "See dupe in Downtown Views," so it is likely that this is a scene in downtown Oakland. A one-storey building that looks like a refreshment stand is at left lower. At the curb near the stand, a "Telephone/Telegraph" sign runs vertically on the nearest of the poles. Poles are on both sides of the street, and they recede into the distance. On the right side of the photo are two- and three-storey Victorian apartment houses, the nearest of which has a roof covering the sidewalk. A taller apartment[?] building is on the far side of the the last two-storey building. A horse and buggy is on the right side of the tracks just this side of the tall building.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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