c. 1950
4 in HIGH
(10.16 cm HIGH)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

This is a photographic negative of an Oakland Oaks' baseball player on first base. The Oaks player is standing on the base with both of his hands on his hips and he is looking at the two Los Angeles fielders in front of him. The closest player is the first baseman who is kneeling on his right knee and looking at the umpire. The other LA player is most likely the second baseman and he is walking toward first base seemingly to get his glove which is on the ground. The umpire who is at the far right of the photo is also walking toward first base. The shot was taken from the first base side toward the infield and the stands behind the dugout and toward left field can be seen.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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