21.125 in WIDE
(53.66 cm WIDE)
Gift of Deanna Vickers

This is actually a combing cape (as opposed to combing jacket) it has no sides. This was owned by Rachel Sears Snyder; she might have made it; it appears to be hand/home made. The maker probably took a fringed linen damask hand towel and cut it to shape the shouler section and use the fringe as a decorative element at the bottom of the garment. The shoulders were stitched with a French seam. Red feather stitch is embroidered around the neck and down the fron. A comb and brush are embroidered on the proper right front in red and black. A group of black hairpins are embroidered on the proper left side. The garment fastenes at the front with two ties (the proper right tie appears to have been cut off too short). This is in excellent condition. By the looks of the linen, this might never have been used nor washed. This type of garment would have been worn by a woman when she was grooming her hair. When fashionable hair was long the use of a cape like this would have kept one's clothing from getting cover with hair due to the process of combing or brushing.

Used: grooming | Adult | Female | Rachel Sears Snyder

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