3.25 in WIDE
(8.25 cm WIDE)
Gift of Deanna Vickers

8702/12098 61/2 30.559.

This pair of woman's gloves have a sporty, casual quality and would have been worn only during the day. A: Right glove, marked with the size 6 1/2. B: Left glove. Both are cream colored kid, short, fastening at the back of the wrist with a tan snap marked "Aris" (on the right and "Majestic" on the left. The gloves have two rows of fine piped tan colored kid at the top, seperated by a row of embroidered brown knots. Nine small flower-like forms and two curves are embroidered in matching brown on the back of each glove.

Used: Rachel Sears Snyder | Daytime | Adult | Female

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