4.25 in WIDE
(10.79 cm WIDE)
Gift of Deanna Vickers

6 1/2 Thistle, Cable Sewn, Table Cut, Washable

This pair of woman's gloves are the type of glove one might have worn to go to lunch or shopping; they would have been worn only during the day. A: Right glove; B: left glove, marked size "6 1/2" "Thistle, Cable Sewn, Table Cut, Washable." Both are ivory colored kid, cut above the wrist. The gloves are piped along the top edge in brown kid and decorated with three rows of "piped stitching" at the top and on the back of the hand, all of which are accented with brown thread (embroidery).

Used: Rachel Sears Snyder | Daytime | Adult | Female

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